White Sage Smudge Stick Wisp Sage Plant For Room Purification

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White Sage Smudge Stick Wisp Sage Plant For Room Purification 
This White Sage Purification Smudge Stick can keep your home filled with positive mojo and cleansed of negative influences. Experience the ancient smell that connects you to thousands of years of spiritual practice.

✔️Smudging is the act of burning of sacred herbs for spiritual cleansing or blessing to purify objects, places, or people as well as repelling evil influences. It is believed that negative energy is taken away by the smoke and dissolves with it in the air. 
✔️It provides a bridge to the spirit realm carrying your prayers and is a gateway of our mind to a higher plane.
✔️Sage is also a symbolic act where the physical form of the sage is changed into spirit form by becoming smoke invoking the truth that all that exists both posses the physical and the spiritual.
✔️Smudging is usually done with White Sage for a deep metaphysical cleansing that shifts and transforms your sacred space removing stressful energies.

Bundle Length 12cm, Diameter 3.5cm

Limited Quantity. We sell out often. Consider buying two or more.

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