The Snake Pentagram Necklace

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The Snake Pentagram Necklace combines the snake with the pentacle into a symbol that will protect you, help you shed your past and give you strength to overcome new challenges.
Perfect For New Beginnings in Life:
The snake symbolizes rebirth, renewal and transformation. The pentacle gives you strength and protection. These two are the perfect combination for when you need changes in your life and when you are moving down a new path.
Helps You Letting Bad Things Go:
If you find yourself in a situation where you need change or where you need to let go of the bad things in your life, this pendant is the perfect companion. The snake helps you “shed your skin” and let go of the old. The pentacle offers you strength and protection, so you can feel safe on your new journey.
Handmade From Quality Materials, It is handcasted to ensure you get the best possible quality, so you can wear this necklace as much as you like for as long as you like, without worrying about allergies or durability.
Pendant Size: 41MM

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