The Magic Handy phone case

The annoying wrestle moments looking for your phone are over!This must-have soft, light and thin phone shell phone necklace attached to the shock-proof bumper casing leaves your hands free and your smartphone with you!   ✅The lanyard is easy to adjust ✅ Extremely reliable Resistant cord (normally used for the craft of dog leads and horse holders)  ✅Transparent silicon case - made out of polypropylene multifilament and has a shiny and smooth surface. ✅ Soft, light and thin material phone shell - provides excellent bumper shock absorption.✅Compatible iPhone Model: iPhone XR,iPhone 6 Plus,iPhone 6,iPhone XS,iPhone 6s,iPhone XS MAX,iPhone 7,iPhone 5s,iPhone 7 Plus,iPhone X,iPhone SE,iPhone 8,iPhone 5,iPhone 6s plus,iPhone 8 Plus✅ Function: Dirt-resistant,Anti-knock,With Finger Ring No matter if you are on your scooter or bike, you have to whip out the mobile phone to record the perfect moment or simply for whatever you need your hands-our phone necklaces are the perfect companion for everyday life and through the practical handling and the different styles currently the most fashionable accessory.The mobile phone chains can be varied in length. Portable in different variants ... such as a chest bag at the front or crossbody. Length: 165 cm.Size: 4.7-5.8 inchCompatible with: Apple iPhonesColor: TransparentMaterial: TPU Nylon rope metal

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