The serpent Ring


Has it been tough for you to focus on moving forward? Are you searching for a connection to ancient, esoteric wisdom? Do you need help staying grounded? Snake, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Snake teaches you how to get in touch with the Earth Mother and to see things anew. Delve deeply in Snake symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can inspire, illuminate, and move you.  
The serpent, sometimes depicted as a dragon, is perhaps the most confusing of esoteric symbols. The serpent is an expression of our higher and lower consciousness. Given the serpent was used by ancient cultures the width and breadth of the globe for thousands of years, its importance cannot be ignored. As with all symbols, the snake has positive and negative connotations, but its very meanings are central to understanding human consciousness and the psycho-biological process of mankind. In actual fact, the serpent/dragon is one of the keys to understanding transcendence to higher states of consciousness and how we tend to fall foul of our sub-conscious mind. But through the serpent, we can find wisdom to overcome our lower conscience self and discover the higher self – that aspect of our personalities that religions call ‘God.’

When the kundalini is awakened, we are able to overcome challenges more easily and find the balance between duality and singularity. It is at this point when we return to the one true source and understand the meaning of oneness. It is the challenge of each of us to overcome the demonic serpent of our sub-conscious that leads us into temptation and fly with the mighty dragon of our higher-conscious so that we can experience the purification of body and mind that comes from absolute transcendence.

Silver Snake Ring
Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
Surface Width: 6mm
size: 17mm to 21mm 

Collections: Jewelry, Rings, Satan

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