Sacred Sri Yantra Necklace

The Sri Yantra is one of the most powerful Yantras in the world symbolising the creation of the Universe. Enhance your abundance with the power of sacred geometry. 

The 9 triangles design - is a symbolic form of all Gods and Goddesses. This Sacred Geometry helps in clearing all your Negative Energies bringing Peace, Prosperity and Harmony. Surrounding this Magical center is the "Earth Square," symbolic of the four directions, or Earth Doors. The outer circle is composed of Blossoming Lotus petals; the Flowering of the Chakras, the opening the Third Eye allowing access to the higher realms of perception.

  • Pendant Details - Material: glass & alloy with high quality image of the yantra. 
  • Chain Length: 18 inches / 45 cm. 
  • Pendant Size: Diameter is 1 inch / 25.4mm.
  • Note: This necklace is NOT waterproof. Please remove before exposing to water.


Collections: Jewelry, Life mystery, Necklaces

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