Punk Coffin Silver Stud Earrings

Punk Coffin Silver Stud Earrings - Exquisitely crafted with high quality 925 silver and enhanced with black tones which brings out the beautiful embossed ethnic detailing. It is a great emblem that gives a deep significance. 

✔️ The coffin symbol  meaning - Mysterious, ominous, and rather dark, wearing one is a dramatic statement.

 ✔️It is symbolic of life after death, living past our years, and surviving in the most adverse conditions.

✔️ This symbol is a reminder that we all face death. Because of this, the coffin symbol can also be a reminder to live life to the fullest. We only have one life and one chance to make the most of our time here. Every time you view your coffin symbol, you will be reminded of this stone cold fact.

For many of us, death is a scary thought. As we age, it gets bigger, closer, and scarier. When we are young, it rarely crosses our minds, but as we enter the last stages of our lives, it may become a thought that lingers nearly all the time. While many fear this final moment, some embrace it. These people are satisfied and anticipate the afterlife. Some fear the final moments in their life while others have embraced it. These people who choose coffin jewelries, like the fact it represents for them death, mortality, vengeance, and loss. For others, the coffin is symbolic of remembrance, hope, and inspiration.

✔️ The History of the Coffin Symbol - Since 1380, the word coffin has meant any box in which the dead are buried. A coffin is tapered hexagonal or octagonal in shape, while a casket is a rectangular box. They usually have lids that open, either by lifting or on a hinge. These vessels for the dead are probably somewhat more meaningful to those from cultures who bury their dead (as opposed to cremating).

✔️ The coffin has also been a longtime symbol of vampires, who are said to sleep inside a coffin and hide from the sun.

Size: about 5x10mm

Collections: Earrings, Gothic Apparel

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