Natural amethyst 925 silver royal ring

This natural handmade amethyst gemstone 925 silver ring was carved, polished and filled with positive energy.  

The Amethyst crystal is known to give a sense of

Enlightenment, intuition and clear thoughts. You can relax, meditate, elevate yourself and at the same time give a boost to that train of thoughts. 

Spiritually enhancing while also being spiritually protective. If you want to be spiritually protective or psychically protected for various reasons or you just want to go into a healing session or a meditation session and just be spiritually protected while you’re doing that, then work with amethyst.

✅Enhances the third eye. which helps you connect to your spiritual self, better connect to your own higher self, and have that stronger connection to your spiritual side; it enhances and invites that energy in. 

Amethyst helps you to focus more on one thing, whether you contemplating something specific or just want to focus on breathing -  hold the amethyst and just consider inhale, focus on the breath going in through the nostril, inhale, and then exhale.

Amethyst helps to become calmer and become more of that frequency. You become a vibrational match to that frequency. This is great for your meditation, divination, and spell casting!

Calms and stimulates the mind, enhancing memory, improving motivation and helping to become more focused. While relieving insomnia, it also assists in understanding and remembering dreams.

✅Calm your body, which will make it easier to break free from both mental and physical addictions.
✅Battling insomnia and preventing nightmares, which will make you wake up refreshed and energised, so you have full energy to get the most out of your days.
Helps to  overcome grief. Wear this when you are down emotionally and it will help you move on.
✅Can be used to help lucid dreaming, astral projection, past life regression, and prophetic dreams.  

    Amethyst Crystal Against Evil Thoughts and Addiction has amazing metaphysical properties that control your evil thoughts and prevent overindulgence!

    The perfect gift to a witch who struggles with self-control and doing the right actions. Placed in their bedroom or bathroom along with their things, it will radiate with positive, protective, healing, and good energy.

    Prevent overindulgence in eating or drinking and other addictions. If this is something you struggle with, this could really help you. 

    Main stone size:13X18mm
    Product weight:9.46g
    Certificate number:PY8HB194493
    Peripheral size:30X20X21mm
    Metals Type: 925,Sterling Silver 
    Gemstone origin: South Africa

    Collections: Rings, Wicca, Wiccan

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