Montessori Sensorial 8 pieces Early Childhood Education

Montessori Sensorial Toys - 8 pieces

Early Childhood Education Preschool Training Kids
Introduce your toddler to the fun of puzzles!
With four wooden shapes in four different colors, this simple format is perfect for Builds shape discrimination and motor skills through play.
The chunky pieces are easy for little hands to grasp, and the color on the base matches the color of the shape.
A first activity for learning shapes and colors. 
This well-made activity is a wonderful introduction to shapes, colors, and numbers.
The youngest children will focus on stacking the pieces on the posts. Then they will begin to sort and stack by color.
Later, they will apply their counting skills and discover that the number of pieces on the post matches the numeral printed on the base
Material: Wood
Age Range: 2-4 Years


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