4pcs Glass Essential Oil Bottle Roller

These beautiful Glass roll-on bottle with polymer clay overlay, 6ml size, stand out for their quality and sturdiness. ✅Rollerballs Are One of the Most Effective Ways To Use Essential Oils! ✅These super cute rollerballs come 4 or more per order Perfect For Aromatherapy Blends or Homemade lip gloss   - All you need is to Fill With Your Favorite Blends: ✅Perfect for allergy season - allergy relief ✅Great for travel and everyday use - vey compact! ✅Easy stress relief on the go - headaches, relaxation and stress reduction ✅Beautiful gift idea, enhanced energy, peaceful sleep ✅Places to apply essential oils include the soles and the tops of your feet, ankles, over vital organs, your abdomen, the back of your neck, temples, behind your ears, and the top of your head.  Package include: 4 empty glass 6ml Roll-On Perfume Bottles with roll tops. Don't Forget Your Oils! Click here !!! Size: 6ml

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