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Angel Spiritual Design Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant

Angel Spiritual Design Quantum Scalar Energy Pendants with Authenticity Bio negative ion Card, Gift box
By wearing the Scalar Energy Pendant, you will effectively achieve the following benefits;
Improved blood circulation
Better stamina, endurance and strength
Enhances Immune and Endocrine Systems
Enhances Cellular Nutrition and Detoxification
Enhances Cellular Permeability
Reduces Inflammation
A calmer mind and sharper focus/concentration
Alleviates soreness, aches and pains; improved flexibility
Energizes blood cells and reduces "stickiness" in blood cells
Neutralizes Harmful Energies; Strengthens Your Body's Bio-Energy field to protect from harmful electromagnetic waves
Restores balance and harmony to the body and increases your energy levels

Why does the Quantum Pendant work?

Quantum Pendant contains deep earth minerals that you find in volcanic lava. These deep earth minerals project out electrons in abundance. These electrons have a negative charge which is a good thing as it helps ground the body and literally energise us.

Negative Ions: Invigorate and Refresh The Mind and Body Have you ever wondered why the air feels more invigorating and you feel fresher when you are at the waterfall or in the mountains? This is due to the abundance of "feel good" negative ions in the air. Research has confirmed the beneficial effects of negative ions on living things - plants grow faster and healthier, animals are calmer and perform tasks better, and humans become less stressed and more alert.


Negative ions have been found to facilitate the delivery of oxygen to cells, which stimulate bodily functions and rejuvenation. They also increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy. Studies have also shown that negative ions help to lift mood, alleviate depression and stimulate body's reticuloendothelial system: a group of defence cells in our bodies which marshal our resistance to disease. Unfortunately, air-conditioning, exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, fluorescent lighting, cellular phones, electrical and electronic equipment, TV and computer screens - all these adversely deplete negative ions from our surroundings and instead increase positive ions, which have been linked to muscle and joint aches, irritability, mood swings, headaches, insomnia, lethargy, lessened efficiency and general lack of health.
Material:  Lave Stone 
Size: 12cm*8cm*2cm
Main Stone: Tourmalin/Lava
Energy: Scalar
Diameter: 4.2cm
Negative Ions: 3000CC
Weight: 80G

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