The Pentacle of the Moon

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Material: Zinc alloy + crystal
Chain Length: 40*45*54-5cm (adjustable)
Moon: 1.5cm
Star: 2cm
Pendant: 4cm

A Pentacle is the single most powerful symbol of the ancients. It traverses many religions and is often misinterpreted as a dark symbol and harbinger of dark magick. 
The Pentacle is the absolute symbol of protection. If you must dabble in the art of spell casting and conjuring, you MUST have the protection that only the Pentacle can lend to you. As a talisman, you can use it to cast open, protect and close a circle. It can be used in ceremonies and rituals as protection and spiritual control. The symbol represents your protection from negative, evil energies and against attacks from spirits and demons. It also allows you to conjure, command and control those forces which may harm you.
As a Wiccan with the ability of spell casting, your Pentacle as a Talisman is a very powerful tool. Often inscribed with a “name of power”, such as an Angel, God, Spirit and others, these talismans are used for a specific purpose and intent, aiding you to have control over the power and energy governed by the entity inscribed on your Pentacle.
The number 5, is very mystical and magickal, and essentially human. We have 5 fingers and toes. We have five senses – sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. We perceive 5 stages in our lives – birth, adolescence, coitus, parenthood and death. In Christianity, 5 was the number of the wounds of Christ nailed on the cross. In the Muslim faith, there are five pillars and five daily prayers. And, the WICCAN KISS is fivefold – feet, knees, womb, breasts and lips.

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