Brooms of Elder Pentacle Necklace

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The Brooms of Elder Necklace is jam-packed with powerful banishing symbols, Help to make sure that no negativity sticks to you and invades your mind, body, and spirit. This is perfect for you if you’ve had a string of bad luck that has stretched for months or even years. The constant sweeping of the brooms of elder will keep your slate clean!

    The pendant combines five symbols: The pentacle for protection. The broomstick to sweep away evil spirits. The sacred elder leaf, used in spiritual practice. The vine of Blackberry bush, known in the Druidic alphabet by the letter M, for Muin. The circle, which is considered a feminine sign.
    Has All The Advantages Of The Pentacle: 
    The brooms of elder pendant offers you protection, gives you courage and power. When you feel you need a little help wear this necklace and touch it when you need an extra boost.
    Metals Type: Tin Alloy
    Pendant Size: 4CM

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