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How to Use a Besom for Spiritual Cleansing and Blessings

✔️Protecting negative energies from entering -  Besoms are used to cleanse and purify the ritual space before casting the sacred circle. Once a circle has been cast, the besom can be placed on the floor and used as a doorway in the circle, protecting negative energies from entering. This ritual is energetic purifying of the space, removing negative energy or just plain energetic “clutter.”  This step happens after a good mundane sweeping with a regular broom (or vacuum) has already taken place. Because ritual brooms serve as purifiers, they are associated with the element of Water, and are therefore sacred to the Goddess.

✔️Sweeping away negativity or sweeping in positivity in ritual space - Besoms can also be used for directing energy like a wand, but is more often used for sweeping away negativity or sweeping in positivity in ritual space. 
✔️Keep bad spirits from entering your home and to keep negative "dirty" energies out - place a besom above a door in your home to clear out any negative energy or near the entrance to your home, to guard against negative or unwanted energy.

✔️Closing the circle at the end of a ritual - The broom can also be used to help close the circle at the end of ritual. In fact, it can be highly effective at dissipating residual energies raised during the ritual. During the ritual itself, the broom will usually sit to the side of the Wiccan altar. Otherwise, it’s common to place it near the entrance to your home, to guard against negative or unwanted energy.

✔️A protection from demonic or psychic attacks when you sleep -  if you feel that you are a target of demonic or psychic attacks when you sleep, place the besom under your bed as it will create a magical barrier and protect you effectively from these attacks. 
✔️Protect your house from unwanted magic, guests (physical or spiritual) or gossip - If you wish to protect your house from unwanted magic, guests (physical or spiritual) or gossip, place the broomstick across the main windowsill or the front door or across the boundaries of your property. As a note of advice always speak to your broom and ask it to help you to fulfill your purpose.

✔️When a besom falls down for no reason then expect an unexpected guest.

✔️When you want a guest to leave - turn a broom upside down with the bristles facing up when we want a guest to leave.
You can do this and say a simple chant, like:
“As this broom is reversed, send (person’s name) on their way. Leave my home in peace and quiet. So shall it be.”

✔️Bonded Relationships -  If you have a special partner and you would like to be bonded even more then lay the broom on the floor facing each other grab both your hands with your partner’s hands forming a circle between you. Then raise slightly your left hands bonded together slightly and place it a bit above your right hands that are bonded together forming the symbol of eternity then together on the count of three jump the broomstick together.  the broom was used as a marriage charm and this custom has its origin many hundreds of years ago. “Jumping the broomstick” was a traditional common law-marriage in Britain for many years. If it was performed in front of a witness and it was said that the couple will be married for a year and a day, enough time to find out if marriage is your cup of tea before you move on to a handfasting ritual.

✔️Departed friends and family to speak to you - Placing a broom across a doorway allows your departed friends and family to speak to you if they so choose.  As long as the broom remains, they can communicate freely.

✔️Protect the sleeper from nightmares - A besom placed under the bed or beneath the pillows at night, will protect you while you sleep from nightmares and ensure a peaceful sleep.  

✔️Guard and Keeping away evil spirits from your bed while you're away until you return - it is not wise to leave a bed empty for too long. If you are going away for any length of time, place a besom in your bed, laying the bristles on the pillow.  This will guard the bed against evil spirits until you return.

✔️Protect the house from unwanted influences - Two crossed besoms hung on a wall or the back of a door will protect the house from unwanted influences.  With the exception of those used exclusively for magickal purposes, moving an old besom into a new house will result in bad luck.

✔️Home  powerful protection - lay the broom across the threshold of your home when you were away, as it created a barrier, which unwanted harm could not cross.

The Spell
Once you have gathered what is needed, proceed in the following steps on a Wednesday (the day ruled by Mercure, God of Commerce) when the moon is in waxing phase: 
Light the charcoal disk and sprinkle on the benzoin and the basil
Light the green candle reciting:
“Earth, witness this spell”

Light the yellow candle reciting:
“Air, carry it well”

Tie the rosemary bunch at the broomstick around the handle of the brush in a stable way. When done, go around your home or your work space, chanting:
“Born of Earth / Carried in Air
Increase Worth / Away with Care”

Make sure you have cleaned the corners of your rooms where you do business and your workplace is situated.
Anoint the handle of your broom with the mint oil and then pass the broomstick over the incense smoke three times reciting each time one of the following verses respectively:
“Once I invest thee /
Twice I impress thee/
Thrice I then bless thee”

Hang the broom over a doorway. If this is not possible keep it at a corner for at least 10 days.
Bring the candles on a table and while they are still burning write down your working goals and aspirations. Keep the sheet of paper close to the candles until these are extinguished (be careful that the sheet will be out of the reach of the flame of course!). Then keep the sheet to your working room for 10 days as well.

Material: Wood, Waxcord, Zinc alloy


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